Jean-Pierre ANTIKIDIS has been involved since more than 30 years in a wide range of technical domains among which physics, optics and image processing and application of Remote Sensing. After having been graduated in the early 70's as Master Engineer of Optics ("Sup d'optique" at Orsay), he joined CNES to head one of the earliest the "digital imagery" service there created.

He has been since managing several large scale projects covering ground processing systems for Pakistan, Africa, and Asia as well as spent 8 years within European Space Agency on advanced ground system development including ERS data management layout.

Back to CNES in 1992 ,he was responsible within CNES program directorate of future ground system systems concepts. He has been French delegate to Data & Operation Scientific Technical Advisory group and expert at Earth Observation board of European Space Agency for several years. He has largely been interacting with international teams dealing with Internet based distributed systems including European Commission expertise for collaborative work and DATAGRID use for Space Earth Observation.

In the frame of FP6/7 EC research program, he has also submitted advanced concept like HEAVEN , forerunner of the "Cloud". and e-GLOBE as well as be in charge of the ALOS European node deployment.. As active member of CEOS Working group on System and Services , he took care of the Wide Area Grid (WAG) and Virtual Constellation advanced concepts for CEOS

Jean pierre Antikidis is since 1995 among the inventor and "evangelist" of advanced computing technologies applied to the creation of new concepts for highly performant spaceborne observing systems. He belong to the early research group having imagine what is today know as Cloud and introduce it at French Space agency and ESA groups.

Jean-Pierre Antikidis is known as a leading European expert on Space Information System (SIS) having steadily contributed to the merging of Space developments with advanced computer, Grid and Internet technologies

In the frame of his activities within CNES Program Directorate as Head of "Space Information System" he has been proposing in 2006 a revolutionary Earth Observation program concept("e-CORCE") mixing closely space constellations with Internet networks.

Since 2012 he has designed a far more advanced programme called v-GLOBE that represent a striking evolution and simplification of Earth Observing system. This program will likely supersede any of the present high resolution observing system and rely on the most advanced research development patented today by jean Pierre Antikidis.

Jean pierre Antikidis is co-fonder with former Astronaut Jean-Jacques Favier of the "Blue Planet company" aiming at creating a satellite constellation able to image the full planet at meter resolution in a week time.


Jean pierre Antikidis is managing the project since its birth. By associating his large and extended knowledge of Space systems, advanced sensors, telecom and Cloud technologies he is guiding the program and has directed the many supporting studies confirming the high potential of v-GLOBE.

Jean pierre antikidis is presently the majority holder of Blue planet company and the prime responsible for all aspects of the programme that he kept alive and progressing steadily since 2009. This explain the reason of the Blue planet today high level of preparation and dossier completeness.

Jean pierre Antikidis is intervening firstly as Blue Planet President and CEO but takes care directly of the technical management of the critical elements of the program (o/b processing and Cloud system development)